Online Sensory Health Coaching.


If you are struggling with sensory processing issues that challenge everyday life due to ASD, ADHD, DCD, SPD or any other diagnosis - or none - we can help.

We work with you to identify your unique sensory thumbprint that holds the key to sensory health and wellbeing; learning and development. We transform family and community life by making people feel better in themselves, and able to do more for themselves. 


Sensory health is being:

Calm, Content, Co-ordinated and Confident! 

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How does it work?

Everyone's sensory thumbprint is unique. Our online service combines on demand training with 24/7 support, and Q&A sessions, designed to help you identify sensory needs and preferences to discover how to bring out the best in your child, in others, or yourself.

Let us help

We are friendly and approachable, accepting and non-judgemental. We don't expect you to try and be anything that you're not, but we'll help you to become the best that you can be.

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What can we do?

 If you are struggling with sensory issues, we walk the journey with you, guiding, equipping and supporting you, sharing our knowledge and experience; empowering you and giving you the confidence to bring about change in an effective and lasting way.

"This is the first time I feel anyone has fully understood our situation and offered anything specific to my daughter's needs. I feel so positive that for the first time we are helping her in an effective and lasting way. I cannot say how much we have appreciated Anne Laure's expertise, care and support along the way." K.M.

Our Sensory Super Systems change lives.

Our online courses and coaching offer the path to calmer, happier, thriving families, schools, organisations, and communities.

Sensory health for all

We support parents, children, young people, adults and older people. We also work with schools, clubs, organisations, carers, professionals and grandparents. In fact, we help anyone that is struggling with sensory issues.

Qualified and experienced

As an Occupational Therapist, Advanced Practitioner, Ayres Sensory Integration specialist & PGDip with Commendation, Anne Laure is qualified to help resolve all forms of sensory issues, no matter how complex.