Mastering Sensory Issues Transformation System

A 6 month system that will transform how you see behaviours, cope with situations and handle your loved ones. Be equi...

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Understanding Sensory Processing Training

"Why is it such a battle to cut his hair?" "Why do they have to make such a noise?" "Can't they just sit still?" "Oh,...

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Managing Sensory Issues Training

Jam packed, no fluff, easy, no cost or low cost life-changing strategies. Learn how to take care of your sensory hea...

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For all levels of coaching - Monthly, weekly, group, 1:1 or exclusive support all available. 

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A months coaching and an On-Demand training program on how to regulate ourselves.  

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Sensory Sensitive Shopping - SSShopping - Sensory Checklist and Poster. A few changes to the environment, for both s...

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Online Meet-up

You are so welcome - the first Tuesday evening of every month - to a loving and supportive online call.

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