These are some comments from parents and professionals over the years:

Clinical Supervision:

Feb 2020 "Thanks so much for being available to support me. It’s been really appreciated, and incredibly helpful. I look forward to booking some more supervision as soon as possible" RW

Feb 2020 "Thank you so much for being my clinical mentor, I found the sessions extremely useful." CW

Jan 2020 " many thanks yet again for the clinical mentoring session today. It was so helpful, on many levels, and made me feel clearer and more relaxed about the work ahead, and how to extract the best learning experience possible."

"Sessions with the patient we discussed a lot are going well!"

"The difference between before and after our mentoring is like night and day!"

OT treatment, coaching and training: 

  • Sept 2020: Thank you so much for all your help, I really feel like I have a much happier, content daughter and I couldn’t be more grateful. K.F.
  • "I thought I knew a lot about sensory issues in Autism, but there is just SO much more that I had no idea about!"
  • August 2019: Highly recommend this for anyone working with Autism/and or disability difficulties.
  • "Trainer has a wonderful speaking voice - very calm, cool,and collected! - Excellent communicator!" Ann
  • August 2019 - On the training, I was really fidgety and having trouble concentrating but after demonstrating the lycra bag, I sat down quite still and felt much better! 
  • July 2019 You've been so helpful! thank you so much! C. K.
  • June 2019 Thank you again for all your guidance and support which I've really enjoyed and appreciated. B.V.
  • Our family has so appreciated your help over the last few months. T.G.
  • December 2018 "it's not even been two weeks...I can't believe the difference in such a short time!!" A.G.
  • October 2018 Thank you so much..all you have said is a complete relief :)...I feel like I'm not going crazy after all, and your message gives me a lot of hope. B.P.
  • September 2018 "Anne has been very kind and supportive helping our 6 year boy who has poor co ordination and balance. She has given him exercises to practice daily and we have already seen a big improvement. She is very approachable and we couldn’t be happier with her support." A. M.
  • June 2018: Thank you so much for all your support and understanding. It's a great blessing to know you are there. (J.P)
  • May 2018: She's improving every week. Thank you :) xx
  • April 2018: When I first linked up with Anne Laure I didn’t actually realise she was in Jersey, but the distance didn’t hinder her ability to equip and resource us as a family to tune in to our boys’ requirements and help us all flourish. We have also had a fun day trip to the island with one son for a face to face appointment which was really beneficial and plan another one with our other son. You may think OT help needs to be done face to face all the time but she is so good at enabling you to see you children and their ways and so in some ways it means you become better equipped to help your children independently rather than simply waiting for each OT appointment. While some resources are items you need to buy she helps you work realistically with your family life and budget.

     Simply, Anne Laure is fantastic :) (R.A.)

  • 20th Sept 2017: Thought I'd share a little, well pretty big actually, bit of progress with you. We went to the woods yesterday and (child's name) stepped in a massive, really deep muddy puddle. It was so deep it went up and over his wellies and he was soaked and covered in mud! I waited for the usual mini melt down and instant strip off and demand to go home - but it didn't come! He tipped out the excess mud/water from his wellies and carried on having fun! Such a turn around! He also waited until we got home to get undressed, as sometimes he would undress in the car if he hadn't undressed sooner. Such a relief to not have to deal with a muddy unhappy child with still a substantial amount of distance to cover before we could be back to the car. So thank you again, for your help! We are getting there x (R.L)
  • 23rd May 2017: This is a blast from the past! My daughter is now 19 years and never did get any diagnose of what was going on with her, we were watchful waiting for ASD for years & got agreement for Statementing & then they changed their mind. I got fed up at that stage and have really just done it for ourselves. She is now sitting 3 A levels. You were such a help to us and the fact that you believed at that time what I was seeing with her was such a relief. Every family deserves at least that and our system is more interested in putting children into neat boxes with standard treatment and any child that does not fit this just floats around in the system. I will share your details with our brilliant Family Support and they can pass your details onto families that they come across. So many families are sitting on long lists and despairing...(P.M.)
  • 17th May 2017: Anne Laure is doing fantastic work with children and adults who have sensory processing difficulties. If your child struggles with over sensitivity to sounds, tastes, physical sensations has fine motor problems etc and if you are at a loss to know what to do then check this out. She is a super qualified O.T, she really knows her stuff, her treatment programs really work and she is a lovely person :) (C.H.)
  • 9th May 2017: 10 years ago I contacted you at a real low point when my daughter had been refused a mainstream school place after her pre-school assessment concluded that she could not walk well enough. You spent a day with our family and you quite literally brought smiles and laughter back to a house that was forgetting how to find joy in life. I lived by your advice. We bought a camper van and transformed our family into an outdoorsy, active family so that our daughter grew up knowing no different. Anne-Laure I give you credit for changing her life and I could never thank you enough. You are amazing. (L.C.)

Other Feedback from courses and training over the years:

  • I wish I had known these things years ago. 
  • “inspiring” , “enjoyable”, “skills I can use at home and work” “thought provoking”, “excellent”
  • It dealt with issues I’ve had problems with for years!
  • I found it very interesting, the tutor is excellent.This kind of course is so valuable to parents who are trying to deal with children’s sensory issues when nobody else is identifying them, or dealing with them. Our children mean the world to us, and we as parents are willing to do whatever it takes so that they can go on and lead independent lives and be happy people. They will probably always need some kind of management, but hopefully with the right intervention, we can improve things for the future.. Thanks a lot for your input and help.
  • Anne-Laure Jackson was fantastic!!!
  • We enjoy the rough and tumble which we are all taking part in at home.
  • It helped me understand his fixations, obsessions, various needs and why he does what he does and when. Taught me to be more observant. Picked up more tips of what I can carry out.
  • Finding out strategies and the fun exercises to do with children – learning the fun exercises and understanding the importance of them.
  • Gained a greater understanding of the issues the children have to cope with and therefore how to help them cope with their issues better.
  • Gives me an explanation for some of the behaviours that I’m observing in people I come into contact with.
  • It has made sensory processing much clearer to me and I can see the value of it.
  • Provided practical ways of dealing with behaviours.
  • I now feel much more confident in carrying out my duties as a classroom assistant.
  • Being able to relate what was being said to different children and being able to understand.
  • Finding out that what I had been doing over the years was on the right track.
  • Realising child not being difficult or challenging – there is a reason for it.
  • A wealth of practical ideas. It was good to hear so many activities that could be included in daily routines.
  • Gaining insight into why my son does certain things.
  • Understanding the senses and techniques a lot more. Knowing the equipment a lot more.
  • More awareness of why my son does the things he does. Knowing that his behaviour has a reason why he’s doing it and it’s a real need.
  • It explained some of my sons behaviours of why he does particular things.
  • My son wouldn’t let you touch him before this. One night he was having a meltdown, he lay on the sofa and I leaned my full weight across him and rubbed his head. It seemed to calm him and he relaxed a lot quicker.
  • His toileting has improved, he can get up / down off the toilet, able to turn the tap on/off, better at removing clothing for toilet and footballing skills / jumping. He has tried skinny chips and salad and is helping round the house more. He is becoming more vocal when he knows tasks are difficult.
  • We are more aware, more adventurous and more confident.
  • I’m calmer and feel I’m more understanding and give allowances more e.g. give him more time in the morning to get ready, now knowing that he needs to be slow and careful and that rushing stresses him.
  • My son seems calmer and at school has asked his keyworker to “push hard” down on his shoulders after an upsetting incident (she also attended the course).
  • As I’ve been giving him extra strong hugs, he’s been asking for much more strong hugs everyday now – which is lovely .
  • I have more patience and understanding.
  • I have more confidence in being able to include sensory time onto the person’s daily routine
  • I can see ways of replacing less appropriate behaviours with other sensory activities and resources.
  • Understanding the importance of exercises and how touch can help calm a child when used to the depths required.
  • In the work place, he does some desk top work and then gets a deep pressure foot massage which really helps him.
  • Gaining a broader understanding of why senses require fulfillment.
  • I have more confidence in this area and am already using the knowledge to support staff and pupils
  • I have confidence in using certain techniques now.
  • I have gained a greater knowledge and understanding of why certain tactics are employed.
  • My son’s behaviours have decreased as a result of my learning curve here. I have been able to break down his behaviours and pinpoint the actual cause of the behaviour and in doing this we as a family have been able to work on that problem e.g. chewing his clothes and other non-edible items. I feel a lot more confident in working with my son and because I can now link his behaviours to a certain problem and effectively deal with this, I feel closer to him emotionally and feel he is with me also. His need to touch everything has decreased, his attention and concentration levels have increased, most of all his self-care skills. Oral motor skills have increased.
  • Improved ability in self care, increased eye contact, decrease chewing  / grinding, decrease challenging behaviour. Wants to connect with me. Happier, more confident, very content, more control.
  • Empowered to actually practically work with my son on sensory issues.
  • Excellent professional presentation, backed up by research. We really learnt so much about our child.
  • Areas covered relating to self care were useful as I had never had any help or advice on these areas before such as toothbrushing, hairwashing, toileting eating, swallow/chew. Everything was broken down into stages.
  • The younger child is so much calmer after using some of the techniques I have learned. I have learned to manipulate my home environment and to make more of the everyday objects such as cushions, bean bags, mattress, blow up airbed. Both boys use these objects everyday now. I have found there have been benefits for both my children and in their interactions with each other – turn taking – cooperation. They both enjoy the routine of doing this every evening and I find they are calmer afterwards.
  • I am delighted to have a better understanding of where some behaviours my boys are displaying are coming from.
  • I will use what I have learned as it has empowered me as a mother to help my children in a very practical and hands on way.
  • Z avoided a swing in the playground before. Now he seeks it and can swing in it himself.
  • I’ve learnt a lot of techniques to help him and I’m seeing huge improvements as a result.
  • The ideas you gave me have really empowered me and I have great confidence now. It’s better to teach the parent, Thank you.
  • I’m so happy with all the understanding you have given me. I’ll never forget your input. Thank you so much you’re a wonderful person.
  • Absolutely brilliant!
  • Has made a huge difference. Anne is absolutely fantastic and a God send. Thank you so much.
  • It has been brilliant to have this opportunity to share such powerful and beautiful teaching. Well worth every minute.
  • Anne was a fantastic instructor and helped me with a lot of issues. D McD 2010
  • Started being able to take of his jumper /top.
  • He’s more relaxed doing work at his station and mixing with other children.
  • He loves looking at himself in the mirror.
  • Concentration levels have increased tenfold at least.
  • He lets me touch his ears all over now. My attitude is more positive and I feel I can make a difference to his well being. My son F is more content within himself and more motivated and engaged.
  • He can now spoon feed himself. He’s more calm and less frustrated.
  • I’m more accepting and more positive.
  • My attitude has definitely changed – ready to use the intervention.
  • He allows hair to be brushed, he looks for back massages and being pushed onto the sofa relaxes him. Everyone is a bit calmer.
  • He allows me to brush his teeth now and lets me work with his hair in the bath.
  • We don’t have any more tantrums.
  • He doesn’t demand his 4 kitkats and bunburgers every 20 mins. He eats more.
  • The oral motor work has made it easier to get pupils to put the toothbrush in their mouth.
  • More motivated to self care – made a cup of tea and toast with verbal prompting. Drying himself after bath about 50% of body – previously refused.
  • He’s less hyperactive, he climbs less and less jumping off the furniture.
  • Hairwashing was previously difficult. Have had better success with hair washing. Even think he enjoyed the hairwashing. Much calmer.
  • The course was fantastic in that it increased my understanding and insight greatly and realised the impact and importance of sensory experience for him, even more so now.
  • I have a more relaxed approach.
  • He loves chicken but he would only eat on a spare plate, but now eats now with his dinner all on one plate.
  • Toothbrushing has changed significantly – he loves it now
  • He’s putting his trousers on now!
  • When my child is anxious I feel we have more control – we use deep pressure. He now asks for me to apply it and for how long.

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