Understanding Sensory Processing Training

"Why is it such a battle to cut his hair?" "Why do they have to make such a noise?" "Can't they just sit still?" "Oh, there goes another broken plate." "I'm exhausted at the end of the day...." 

At the end of this hour you will :

  • Be confident and equipped to see sensory issues.
  • Understand how sensory processing affects our stress levels, physical abilities, emotional regulation and day to day living.
  • Learn how to recognise, identify and describe sensory processing issues so you can work out how to make real changes.
  • Appreciate the 7 senses, and how they affect behaviour.
  • Understand 4 key words used to describe sensory processing issues and how they relate to every day life. 
  • Understand difficulties with eating, sleeping, handwriting, sports, anxiety, self-esteem, relationships, everyday tasks etc, and be more calm and confident about dealing with these issues.  

Videos and downloadable worksheets to help you.

Each course is full of 'no fluff' content, broken down into smaller 3-10 minute segments, so you can stay as long or as short as you like in the course at one time! It is about an hour in total of video content and perhaps another hour or two to work through / talk through / consider, the sensory implications for your own situation. 


3 Bonus features include

  • A personal checklist to see how you process sensory information,
  • A sensory preference sheet to see which sensory input you prefer,
  • A quiz to see how far you have come in your learning!   

Lots of love and warm regards,

Here's to your sensory health - Santé!





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