Managing Sensory Issues Training

Jam packed, no fluff, easy, no cost or low cost life-changing strategies.

Learn how to take care of your sensory health and that of those around you.

At the end of the 1 hour course you will know how to:

  1.  Work with each individual sensory system
  2.  Use everyday activities in the most organising and helpful way
  3.  Learn a framework for managing every day life skills using a sensory checklist. 
  4.  Adapt the environment to make it the healthiest possible
  5.  Look at the choices around which behaviours to manage first and how. 

 Videos, transcripts and downloadable worksheets, all complete the course.

Course completion certificate for CPD

Each course is full of 'no fluff' content, broken down into smaller 3-10 minute segments, so your time isn't wasted, and you can access the course and stay in it per sitting for as long as suits you!

It takes about an hour to watch the videos and then take as much time as you need to process the information and apply it to your own life.

Lots of love and warm regards,

Here's to your sensory health - Santé!


P.P.S every time I update the course online, you will automatically receive the latest training with the latest research and current thinking as the modules get updated, without paying any extra! 


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