2018 - for all levels of budget and requirements.


 Face to Face Assessment and Report:

£350 assessment and economy report = assessment results with a half page summary of the conclusions. 

£500 assessment and standard report = assessment results, interpretation of the findings and general principles of what can help.

£650 assessment and premium report = assessment results, detailed interpretation and detailed advice on what can be done to help. 


Face to Face Assessment Only (no report):

£200 assessment (up 2 hours)

£90 1 hour screening session 


Online Coaching and Treatment: 

From £24.99 - to Premium Packages - to Mastering Sensory Transformation

£24.99 a month gives you access to:

  • online booking system for therapy, personalised services, and premium packages
  • video guides to show you step by step how to make a difference
  • help tips that can turn situations around in an instant
  • daily exercises to help tune up the body brain connection
  • free webinars to learn from and be part of the community
  • access to weekly group telephone support to ask your most difficult questions
  • advice sheets to take away and share 
  • downloadable resources so you have forever access to what works best for you 

For treatment and coaching click here 

 Specific courses will be advertised via  or if you have registered your email anywhere on this site for a free gift or any product, then you will be the first to know. 

If there is something else that you are looking for please contact 07700 741777 or email [email protected] , and every endeavour will be made to find something to suit.  







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