Thank you for wanting to know a little bit more, so here we are:

Home Life

I love home educating our three children, so I understand the complexities and joys of both parenting and teaching. I love to help people relax into parenting and enjoy it for all it's worth. My dear husband has Multiple Sclerosis so I know the pressures of dealing with long term situations and how we need to dig deep to enjoy life and even to cope with life sometimes. I also love singing, but that's another story!

Work Life

I have a BSc Degree with Distinction in Occupational Therapy, and have worked in Europe, Scotland, England, Ireland, Wales and Northern Ireland.  I'm an international conference speaker and currently undertaking a Masters degree in Sensory Integration. As an Advanced Practitioner in Sensory Integration, (Ayres SI Therapist and mentor), I work in these main areas:
  • With children who are not performing to their potential, or with parents, family members, clubs or businesses who would value extra support for those living in Jersey, Channel Islands. www.occupationaltherapyjersey.com
  • With adults who would appreciate knowing their own sensory processing patterns and learning how to manage them best. 
  • As a mentor and supervisor for other Occupational Therapists
  • As Christian online coach and support for all OT and sensory needs. www.chots.co.uk

 Anti-Discrimination Practice

I love to work with people of all age, faith, disability, sexual orientation, colour, nationality, creed and any other differences we might find amongst ourselves!



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