Sensory Health Coaching OT

Time to Reflect - Here to Help
Imagine what it would be like to have someone there for you to support you every step of your journey.
  • "what can I do to stop him touching everything and everyone?"
  • "how can I get her to eat more?"
  • "what exercises can I do at home to be more coordinated?"
  • "how do we go about getting his hair cut?"

A lot can be done knowing about sensory processing, but it goes to another level knowing how to put all the pieces together! 

Wednesday Webinars

Email in questions, or call in to chat through what's going on. Whether you're in the valley or on the mountain top, it's always good to talk!

How To Videos and Advice

Videos, tips, how to's, activities and ideas to help all manner of issues. If a solution isn't there - let me know and i'll put it in for you!


Access to:

  • online booking system for 1:1 therapy and services
  • coaching resource portal - videos, tips, advice and help guides 24/7
  • Third Wednesday of the month group coaching - 8:15pm (GMT - London time) to support all sensory health queries and questions.
  • Access to weekly teleconference to ask your most difficult questions

Only £24.99 a month (valued at over £700!)


1:1 Unlimited Coaching

I'm here for you anytime, anywhere!

On top of the group coaching calls and membership site, you have exclusive access for private support phone calls, email response, webinars, 12 a hours a day, 6 days a week.  

£4,999 a month


Coaching for what?

Fine and Gross motor skills

Want to know what kind of tasks and activities will make a difference? Gym ball exercises, crafts, handwriting tips, everyday leisure activities, no costs games and plenty of advice for all ages.

Everyday life skills

Whether it's difficulties with haircare, toiletting, dressing, toothbrushing, showering, bathing, shaving, going to the doctor or dentist - a little advice and support can make a real difference.

Coping with Celebrations

Whether it's coping with celebrations, holidays, birthday parties or Christmas, having happy and healthy experiences takes planning and a little 'know how',


Access to the sensory store - over a hundred products to help.


Coaching options: