OT Sensory Health Coaching

Looking for support? Feeling judged? Not sure where to go or what to do next?

I'd like to help restore your joy and peace. Life is really tough sometimes. Together, we'll work through the resentment, and disappointment with life or maybe it's just the little things that niggle. We may cry together, or celebrate small steps together. No one is a failure here and no issue is too big to handle or too small to matter. Everyone is precious and valued.

Book a FREE Sensory Transformation Call to:

1) Identify any sensory issues 

2) Uncover hidden processes that might be sabotaging your or your child's wellbeing

3) Leave renewed, hopeful, understood, and ready to face the future with plans and confidence

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"It's just so good to be able to talk to somebody who understands"

"Finally, after 7 years, it's nice to start enjoying our kids again! "

"I love our calls - finally feel I can parent our children for who they really are "

Increase Coordination

Are you living with bumping, crashing, dropping things, avoiding sports or handwriting, and frustration?

Learn how to provide the best opportunities, tasks and activities to help coordination.

Do everyday life skills

Do you have tantrums, stubbornness and stress involved with hair care, toileting, dressing, tooth brushing, showering, bathing, shaving, or going to the dentist?

Just simple strategies, tweaks of what you are already doing, and knowledge of sensory adaptations can make a success of the simplest of tasks.

Cope with Celebrations

Are you fed up of being the first to leave, exhausted with dealing with social situations, or have no social life at all?

Here we develop strategies to enjoy celebrations, holidays, birthday parties or Christmas. Happy and healthy experiences takes planning and 'know how' which you will become an expert in.

How To Videos and Advice

Videos, tips, how to's, activities and ideas to help all manner of issues. 

Wondering how OT can be done online?

"When I first linked up with Anne Laure I didn’t actually realise she was in Jersey, but the distance didn’t hinder her ability to equip and resource us as a family to tune in to our boys’ requirements and help us all flourish. You may think OT help needs to be done face to face all the time but she is so good at enabling you to see you children and their ways and so in some ways it means you become better equipped to help your children independently rather than simply waiting for each OT appointment.

Simply, Anne Laure is fantastic😊" (R. Arnold)


Coaching Resources

24/7 resource portal - videos, tips, and advice 

Teleconference and online meeting support

Training in understanding and managing sensory issues 

From £9.99 a month 

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Mastering Sensory Issues Transformation System

6 month step by step training and mentorship program.

Premium coaching: Highly personal. 

Become the sensory expert in your own situation. 

A success filled system that prepares you to handle sensory issues for life. 

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